Kicking off the New Year!

Hard to believe that December is gone and it’s a new year. Where did 2008 go? Anyway, there’s a lot going on, including beginning work on “Possession”, my September 09 Kensington release. Haven’t got a cover yet, but I hope to be previewing one soon. 

Meanwhile, I wanted to revisit one of my favorite titles, Flesh and the Devil.  Since Man After Midnight comes out in late March, I thought I would reacquaint readers with the book the introduces Brenden Wallace, and his stripper-witch sister, Dani. Yes, I did say she is a stripper–who is also a witch!  

Sensual and seductive, this novel from one of erotica’s rising stars is an unflinching journey into the dark heart of desire and the chilling secrets of those who live by night…

Vice cop Brenden Wallace has walked on the dark side for too many years. Now, newly divorced, he’s smoking too much and sleeping too little, and the empty darkness in his soul is the blackest part of any night—until he’s assigned to investigate an escort service called Exotic Jewels and meets Líadán Niamh. Lushly beautiful, she is the embodiment of seduction and thrilling control. She arouses Brenden’s most feral desires—fierce, bone-deep needs they explore together, mouth to mouth and skin to skin. But Líadán’s hungry kiss is more dangerous than Brenden could have imagined. Women are turning up dead, and every clue leads Brenden back to Líadán—and a raw, brutal passion that could cost him his life…

To make things a little more interesting, my friend and fellow author Sara Reinke, has created a video trailer for the book.  Personally, I think it rocks!





In other news, I’ve added excerpts to the print book listings. Readers can now browse a book’s text to get an idea of what it’s about. Keep in mind these excerpts are cut and pasted from my original file, so may differ slightly from the published book. In other words, the editors have gone in and cleaned up so my stupid won’t hang out too much, LOL.

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