July 2011 Update~

Hi, Readers,

Hard to believe it’s July. This year is just whizzing by! And just think — in August Darkness Descending will be hitting the shelves! Yes, yes, I am so excited!! (I’m also eagerly awaiting author copies, since I have a whole slew of giveaways planned for August and Sept). Nope, they aren’t here yet, but I am sure you will hear me yelp with delight when that carton is delivered later this month! I can’t wait to hold the book in my hands.

I bet you’re all just waiting to find out the name of the lucky puppy who won the Darkness Descending Giveaway packet, which included an ARC of the book and a few goodies. The name drawn out of the hat was Michelle D, of the UK. Thanks to all who entered. Although I wish I could hand around lots of copies, the pub only gave me a few to work with. But that’s okay. Like I mentioned earlier, I will have some author copies and I will definitely be getting them into reader’s eager (I hope!) hands ASAP!

I’ve installed a counter to get things moving through July: