EternityRevealedCoverEternity Revealed (#6)

“Darkness will settle over the land, and the blood of innocents shall be shed.”

A prophecy fulfilled, the veils separating the three worlds have disintegrated, allowing the entities of Sclyd free reign over mortal earth and its people. The Legion of Ouroborous is advancing, led by the Arch-priest Celeon Ese-Yeveanson. His goal to claim more fertile territories and enslave humanity to is within reach. The destruction has cut a wide swath through the population, and more brave souls are falling victim to his ambitious plan. Those who refuse to serve are slain where they stand.
Only a single man stands in Celeon’s way.

His own son.

Morgan Saint-Evanston never wanted to be a leader. His idea of survival meant chasing women, drinking to excess, and playing hide and seek with death–all the while trying to hold on to his sanity. However the immortal’s legacy he inherited is one he can no longer deny. Morgan has the power of a god. Yet he’s always lacked the courage to fully grasp his true destiny.

But he never had a reason to. Until now.

Julienne Blackthorne. First his mistress, now his wife. With a little help from witch-healer Celeste Ravenelle and the mischievous Djinn, Yadira, she’s discovered the spell-work that will give her the baby she’s always wanted. Afraid of losing Morgan, she’s desperate to preserve the legacy he’d rather throw away. Her plan is risky, but she’s willing to sacrifice her health to give him an heir.

Having a family in a time of war is dangerous. There’s only one way Morgan can ensure the safety of his wife and child to be: Send Celeon and his foul spawn straight to hell…