October 2012 Update #2~

Dear Readers,

I have some bad news, and it pains me to write this. Unfortunately a problem has arisen with the planned October prizes. The copies of Echoes of Angels arrived, but were in an unacceptable condition to offer to readers. Therefore, I will be giving away copies of the Dark Tides books. Siren’s Call, Siren’s Surrender  or Siren’s Desire will be given out as prizes to 10 readers instead.

You can still leave a comment to be entered for the giveaway here. I am sorry for the trouble, but I could not send out books that looked so unprofessional . My readers expect a quality product for their money.

Unfortunately this also means that book 2, Descent of Demons. has been cancelled for print, and the third book, Genesis Awry, has been delayed indefinitely. Perhaps when the current contracts end, I will be able to take the books back and re-release them myself. Until then, they will have to sit on ice.  Although I am disappointed, that’s just the way things panned out.

Thanks for your understanding! Meanwhile, I need to get back tot he Blaze WIP and The Resurrectionist. Good thing I had a lot of new books in my stack to work on! 🙂



  1. Aw, sorry for the books’ conditions. I’ve had that problem with books/movies. It’s frustrating. I would love to participate in this giveaway; I’ve read Siren’s Call and Siren’s Surrender, and I really want to see how everything wraps up, especially concerning that evil psycho-bitch Mer Queen!

  2. Love your books it sucks they did you so wrongf on the publishing but your a wonderful author and i would love to win a book from you even if its one ive read becouse currently i can only find one of myy dark tides books guess thats what i get for cleaning my room!!!!!..lol….

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