Devyn Quinn lives in the middle nowhere New Mexico. It is so tiny and boring that the only thing enchanting about it is waving goodbye as you leave. Seriously. It’s small. And boring!

To alleviate her boredom and keep from going on a wild shooting spree, Devyn collects and rides motorcycles. She is the proud owner of a Harley, a Honda and a Classic 2001 Ninja ZX-12R–which makes her the fastest, most dangerous writer on the road. Really. Devyn likes to go fast. Light speed fast. She will probably die in a massive fiery crash, but thinks she will enjoy herself before that final “oh, sh*t!” moment hits.  At least she has enough toys to play with.











A two time Romantc Times Reviewer’s Choice Award nominee (with 1 win!), several of Devyn’s titles have been translated into German, Thai and Spanish.

In addition to working late nights, Devyn lives with her cats and many ferrets. She is the founder and owner of Texico Ferret Rescue and wrangles up to 40 ferts at a time. Visit the ferts online at:

She is also the owner of several tattoos, including one based on her “Eternity” books:

Tattoo by H&H Tattooing, Clovis New Mexico.