A woman conceived in darkness

Gabrielle Carlson has a secret. Her knack for “the craft”, a psi-kinetic ability she was born with, sets her apart from the rest of her family. Though encouraged to suppress it, Gabrielle has chosen to pursue her gift. As a novice delving into the occult, she is aware that she possesses the ability for destructive magic.

The path to trouble begins when Gabrielle stumbles on an ancient grimoire; one holding the secrets of a blacker art. Seeking answers that have always eluded her, her attempt to raise a shade goes awry, opening a rift to the netherworld. A demonic spirit, the Thanatos, is unleashed. Such a blunder has deadly consequences: Death has its own agenda and no one is safe from its murderous rampage.

Knowing she needs help, Gabrielle seeks assistance from a higher power. Thornton “Thorne” Trevelyan is an immortal of a different breed. When the beasties get unruly, he’s the one who can be counted on to handle the trouble. As one of the few surviving members of an ancient cultic sect of assassins known as the Berserkers, Thorne is revered for his ability to outwit and overcome even the most impossible odds.

Though he has no use for amateurs, Thorne is compelled to help Gabrielle. With each victim claimed, the demon not only retains that person’s knowledge, but their magical abilities. The Thanatos is targeting the realm’s most powerful entities, those known as the 12 Acolytes. As the keepers of the Ancient Wisdom, it is believed these 12 together have the magical knowledge—and power—to bring about the end of civilization.

The hunt is on as Gabrielle finds herself thrown into a nightmarish realm of secrets long buried, and lies that continue to mask the facts. As all the threads are woven together, the truth behind her own mysterious origins threatens to shatter not only her psyche, but her very soul…