Announcing the first book in the new “Ocean Deep” series, which continues the world-building began in the Dark Tides Trilogy : Siren’s Call, Siren’s Surrender and Siren’s Desire

Siren’s Heart

Over two decades have passed since the Mer emerged from their exile in the undersea world of Ishaldi. People waver between fascination and distrust of this strange, sea-born species…

Gabriella Randall has found her calling in deep sea exploration. Her goal is to uncover more artifacts that support the place of her kind in human history. When the research ship she works on is hijacked, Gabriella is determined to show her captors a thing or two. A mermaid has more than a tail to twitch.

Her kidnappers are led by Dante “the Devil” DeVitas, one of the most notorious treasure hunters on the high seas. A man owing no allegiance to any, Dante’s determined to locate the gold. He’s targeted Gabriella for her unique talents in the water. The group needs the expertise of a Mer to recover a WWII relic; a Nazi ship carrying a fortune sank in the Pacific. The race to recover the lost treasure is a fierce one.

Though repelled by Dante’s icy ambition, Gabriella can’t help but be attracted to a man who goes after what he wants. However, a mermaid’s sexual needs are stronger than common sense. Even as she chafes in captivity, Gabriella finds herself drawn to Dante’s rough mouth, and rougher touch.
Their liaison is a dangerous one, but not half as deadly as other threats looming ahead…