Undercover FBI agent Callie Whitten is tracking an outlaw like no other: Iollan Drake. And one hot night she finds him – and finds the ultimate in extreme sexual pleasure in his arms. Callie craves more. And more…But Iollan Drake has a lethal secret: he is a vampire, drawing his passionate strength from blood energised by sexual arousal. He in turn craves Callie. She is beautiful and yielding – and utterly fearless. Compelled to brand her as his own, wrapped in darkness, he whispers to her. Give me your soul, Callie. And your body. I will have you! She hears…and she obeys…

Theme: Vampire/Shape-shifter/Alien

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Embracing Midnight is a ParaNormal Romance Reviews Staff Recommended Read!

“Embracing Midnight is Devyn Quinn at her best. A sinful, sizzling “fast-paced” page turner!”  LoveRomancePassion.com

“Devyn Quinn sketches a book that immediately pulls the reader into the action. I love how she makes her characters believable. She brilliantly creates them where the reader can identify with each one. Embracing Midnight is an awesome pulse-pounding read that I highly recommend. It left an unforgettable impression with this reader. 5 Hearts.” – The Romance Studio

wcbb“Embracing Midnight is an action-packed story full of steamy sex, mystery, and intrigue. A well-woven story that will keep you reading and unable to put it down. A definite must read for any lover of intense paranormal stories. A dark and delicious thrill ride from beginning to end! 5 Cherries.” – Whipped Cream Reviews


“If you like your vampire romance to be dark, devilshly sexy and even a bit on the violent side, then Devyn Quinn is an author you do not dare miss out on. Ms Quinn writes a story that more than captures your attention, she draws you into a world where you won’t find your mama’s vampires. She spins a whole new twist on the vampire legend that is provocative and refreshing and wraps it all up in a dark, mysterious tale that will thrill and chill. The love scenes are both sensuous and erotic. 4.5 Hearts” – Love Romances & More

Embracing Midnight has been declared a Cold Shower Required Read by The Pickled Cupid Bloggers. Cold Shower Read

“Quinn’s story joins the ranks of erotic vampire tales with off-the-charts, sizzling sensuality… Add in secret government plots and lush, dark scenery with well-developed characters and you have a thoroughly entertaining novel. 4 Stars.” – Romantic Times

“Embracing Midnight is a page turning, unbelievably sexy adventure that grabs you from the first page and never lets go.  Ms. Quinn constantly pushes the readers comfort levels and she exceeds the boundaries of most erotic romances.  Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down.  My skin felt like it was on fire and my heart raced the entire time. 4 1/2 Stars.” – JERR

“Dark, powerful, and deliciously erotic, Embracing Midnight by Devyn Quinn takes the unbelievable and makes it frighteningly real. A tormented and tortured heroine and a hero who may—or may not—be truly evil, battle an even greater horror. Step out of your comfort zone, embrace the impossible and lose yourself in this richly sensual tale, the ultimate in dark erotic romance.” – Kate Douglas, author Wolf Tales

“Embracing Midnight is a terrific vampiric erotic romantic suspense starring a typical modern day vampire and his more intriguing blood match. Callie is the key to the fast-paced with fabulous twists story line; she feels pulled in two opposite loyalties over failing her country or her heart. Fans will relish this engaging paranormal police procedural romance. 5 Stars.” – Harriet Klausner

“Devyn Quinn takes the vampire myth and changes it in a way that is so very creative by making her vampire characters alien life forms. Embracing Midnight is an intense sexual suspense story…there are great action scenes that will have you panting for more. 4 Angels!” – Fallen Angel Reviews

“Erotic author, Devyn Quinn writes very creative stories and pushes her limits. This is one of the darkest books she has ever written. But because she has a nice balance between the sex and violence, she really makes it work.” -Reader C. Garrabrant

“Devny Quinn’s EMBRACING MIDNIGHT did not overwhelm me with mindless sex and senseless orgies but smoothly and intriguingly initiated me into the world with my first taste of dark gothic erotic romance.” – Realms On Our Bookshelves Reviews

“With its unique world, strong characters, and an edge of suspense, EMBRACING MIDNIGHT is a compelling story.” – RRT Erotic

“Devyn Quinn totally wrapped me around her little finger with Embracing Midnight. Holy Moly was this bad boy hot.  Iollan Drake – just his name gives me the shivers.  He was one hot vampire with a tender soul but sinfully delicious thoughts for Callie Whitten.  Their loves scenes burned holes in the pages of Embracing Midnight and made me sweat.  Devyn Quinn has the ability to bring her readers into the stories as if they are right there along with the characters and I love that about her style of writing.  Thumbs up on Embracing Midnight – I need my own Iollan Drake and I need him now. ” – Joyfully Reviewed