Hell Bound

The sexy sequel to Flesh and the Devil!

Dani Wallace forged her powers as a guardian of light–but it is darkness that tempts her most strongly. In that vein, she doesn’t always make the best decisions.

When a gentleman asks for a private dance at her strip club, Dani is happy to have the extra cash, but is even more interested in her admirer, a handsome man with butterscotch hair and an amazing body made for sin. After a wild night of passion, she finds her one-night-stand on her doorstep. Only now, he’s her betrothed.

Casedren, the prince of a mysterious underworld, is now her fiance due to the traditions of his homeland, where consummation is contract. It’s not every day an honest-to-God prince swoops in to sweep a girl off her feet. But with the beauty comes the beast, in the guise of his twin brother, who aims to take his position as regent…and all the perks that go with it, including Dani herself. But which brother will prevail?

Theme: Demon/Shape-shifter

Note: Previously released as Man After Midnight, Kensington Aphrodisia. I do not recommend readers buy this version. Book has been updated with a fresh edit and/or new text.





Coming October 2017 to Kindle Unlimited!




“A wonderfully magical read! Devyn Quinn once again pleases and satisfies with this story of intrigue, deception, self-discovery and of course, steaming hot sex. If you’re in the mood for a tale of family intrigue, magic, and magical eroticism, then Man After Midnight is a sure-fire pleaser. Beautifully written and steaming from the first word, this is a must read novel for the lover of the dark and sensual fantasy. 4 Cherries!”  – Whipped Cream Reviews

“Devyn Quinn brings demons and sexy together to make the perfect combination… Man After Midnight is a keeper than I would read again for fun and pleasure. 4.5 Lips.” – Two Lips Reviews

“I’m always thrilled when I get to read a book by Devyn Quinn. You are guaranteed a hot, spicy, deliciously sensual story that is dark and sometimes creepy. Ms Quinn pens a story that has you glued to the pages and holding your breath. In fact, I have never yet been disappointed in any of her stories and have loved every one of them. I can only highly recommend her books and if you like a story that is on the dark side, which reeks of sexual tension with hot, hot sex scenes, then this author is one you have to pick up! 5 Hearts” – Love Romances & More

“Quinn draws readers into this incredibly dark, sensual world, where sons of Lucifer are another race living in a parallel dimension. With its sexy characters and cunning and malevolent villains, this has all the makings of a hot, thrilling read. 4 Stars.”- Romantic Times

“I would recommend MAN AFTER MIDNIGHT to those who like their stories kind of ‘out-there’ and are looking for an escape to another world inhabited by dragons, snakes, three-headed hounds and other creatures. ” – RRT Erotic

“This is an erotically charged tale with compelling characters and a fast moving and exciting plot. 4 Cups.” – CoffeeTime Romance

“Man After Midnight is an excellent romantic fantasy due to the powerful fully developed star-crossed lead lovers. Dani is spirited and brave while Casedren knows what he wants and goes after her. His chip off the old block twin brings skillful sinister malice to a terrific tale that will have readers rooting for the heroes and craving for more entries in the dark paranormal romantic world of Devyn Quinn. 5 Stars.” – Harriet Klausner