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January 2015 Update~

Dear Readers,

Well, I’ve been away awhile, but I am finally back and getting back to business. Like everyone else in the world, I tend to get caught up in work and family issues. Often my attention gets taken away from my writing, and it gets put aside for a bit while problems sort themselves out. The last year has been like that, but things are finally settling down and getting back to normal.

So what’s news? Well,  I’ve got several books simmering, all of which I am very excited about! I can’t share the details of the new WIP yet, but I do have some other tidbits to share.

100possessionI just found out Possession has been listed as one of the 100 Best Romance Novels. I had no idea, but it is true. Needless to say, I am so excited. I have a sequel planned to the book, and maybe this will be the incentive I need to get it written. Meanwhile, you can pick up Possession through any bookstore or online.

About the new book: I am doing some tweaking before I make a formal announcement. I want it to be perfect, as this is a thing I don’t believe other authors of paranormal fiction have touched on yet, and I want to keep it hush until I am ready to share.  Meanwhile, I am still working on the Eternity books, and hope to have some news on Rise of the Beast soon. I also hope to have print copies of the first three titles in hand sometime in February. So, lots of exciting things going on. It is just taking time to pull all the small details together again.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to have more news for you all soon!





January 2015 Update~


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