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Dear Readers,

Sorry this update is so late. Like the rest of you, I have been busy with work, family and getting ready for the holiday season. It’s all crazy, as usual.

So what is new? Well, as I await word from my new publisher, Beyond the Page, as to when my former Kensington titles will begin re-releasing (I am told the beginning of 2016), I have other news concerning my other publisher MojoCastle. Due to issues with getting the Eternity titles in print, I have put a temporary hiatus on further books n that series until the problems can be settled. This means Rise of the Beast will be delayed indefinitely. I am told the publisher is working on it, but I have no idea how much longer it will take.

With those projects put aside, I have decided to go ahead and concentrate on another area of interest, literary fiction. I am now writing under the name of Kelby LaRoux (www.kelbylaroux.com).  I am going to be honest and say it is because I want to distance myself from the adult erotic fiction I wrote for Kensington’s Aphrodisia imprint. Yes, I have won awards and gotten fair reviews, but the dive into a different type of fiction means a different type of audience. The best example I can give is JK Rowling who made the switch to a man’s name when she began writing mystery suspense. Her Harry Potter novels were aimed for the YA market, her Robert Galbraith novels at a more adult one. It doesn’t mean I am leaving genre fiction behind forever. It just means that Devyn Quinn is on a temporary hiatus while I concentrate on other projects. Once we settle the print issue with the Eternity books, I will be back on Rise of the Beast.

So there is the latest.

Enjoy the forthcoming Thanksgiving holiday!


Hello Readers!

Just a quick note to let you all know to pop on over to my author’s page on Facebook for the Halloween Spooktacular Giveaway! A $10 dollar Amazon Gift Card will be given to one lucky reader on October 21, 2015.

Meanwhile, I am working on the re-releases of some of my former Kensington titles through Beyond The Page publishing, and the updated books will be available beginning early in 2016.

Enjoy the spooky season!




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