Rise of The Beast
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September 2015 Update~

Dear Readers, Sorry it has been so long between updates. Life has been busy, and I am doing my best to catch up. So here is the latest: officeSuper office is done! Now that the RV renovations are coming to a close, I have a place outside the house to work, where I can have total concentration. Yep, that means more time to sit in front of the computer and write.  So, I am hoping to get back to the books and my editor at MojoCastle is expecting a finished manuscript for Rise of the Beast in Dec 2015. She is planning a late January 2016 release. Let's keep our fingers crossed that everything stays on schedule. In other news, I have also signed some of my Kensington backlist to Beyond the Page Publishing. These will begin releasing next year, with fresh edits and updated text. I am excited to be joining the BTP team and look forward to releasing new material, too. So, with luck readers will be seeing the first book in the new Sirens series sometime in later 2016, along with other projects I am developing. So, yes, lots is happening. It has just taken time to pull things back together and readjust to a sudden and harsh life change. Wishing you all a happy Fall. Halloween is coming and I will have some prezzies to giveaway for the spooky season (and you know it will be awesome!) Cheers, Devyn    

July 2015 Update~

Quick pop in post! It is official! Renovations on my office will start next week. I'll finally have a huge space outside the house and not in a bedroom, where I can, hopefully, get back to writing and releasing new books. I've been working on Rise of the Beast and I have pumped it up past 100 pages. With luck, the holidays will see it finished. beastsmall
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