Note: Personal Possessions appeared in the print edition of the Dangerous Ties Anthology.

Nikki Malone meant to start the New Year off with a bang. What she didn’t plan on was starting it with a bullet in her hide.

After her boyfriend Sammy is killed in a drug heist gone bad, Nikki panics and flees. An unwilling fugitive on the run through the New Mexico Badlands, she’s wounded, lost and alone. But Nikki believes her bad luck is about to change. She’s got a backpack full of hot cash…and a chance to start her life over. That is, if she can make a clean getaway from the law.

Rising out of the stark white desert sands like a mirage is a town that’s not on any map. Its name is stark and simple: Helle. If she can stop and rest, Nikki believes she just might escape with her life–and the loot–intact.

Opening the door of a mysterious manor rising out of the white desert sands is Jackson Sullivan. Dark, alluring and sexy as hell, he willingly takes Nikki into his lush haven and tends her wounds. Jackson is the kind of man Nikki’s always dreamed of having. His touch promises a variety of sensual delights—the heaven-sent answer for her starved libido.

Except that Nikki doesn’t know she’s been lured into a harem of bondage and sexual domination. Naked and bound in the most revealing of ways, Jackson has a few surprises in store for his “bad-girl” guest.

Welcome to Helle. The last stop for a sinner on her way toward utter damnation…

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