Echoes of Angels (Eternity #1)

Julienne Blackthorne grew up in the school of hard knocks. Dragged around by an unstable mother, she grew up on the fringes of poverty, unwanted and unloved. With the face…

Descent of Demons (Eternity #2)

The Scrolls of Cachaen. Remembered only as legend, these writings gathered by an obscure sect of wizards were hidden because of the destructive forces they can unleash from the netherworld….

Genesis Awry (Eternity #3)

Morgan Saint-Evanston has obtained the Scrolls of Cachaen—said to be the keys controlling the forces of creation itself. Now that he has the seven sacred pages, he intends to keep…


A Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner (’09) Enter the midnight world, where passion has no limits and danger rules every desire… Embrace The Dark Side Opening a rare book…

Keepers of Eternity series:
Echoes of Angels
Descent of Demons
Genesis Awry
Rise of the Beast
Ashes to Ashes (TBA)

Dark Lovers:
Flesh and the Devil
Flesh and the Devil 2: Man After Midnight
Personal Possesssions (novella)

Single Titles:
Embracing Midnight