Morgan Saint-Evanston has obtained the Scrolls of Cachaen—said to be the keys controlling the forces of creation itself. Now that he has the seven sacred pages, he intends to keep them, even if possessing them is forbidden, and punishable by death. Despite the consequences, he’s going to need all the firepower he can lay his hands on. An outlaw with a price on his head, he’s got a twin sister aching to claim the legacy he carries as an immortal…and Megwyn has already vowed to move heaven and earth to take him down. There’s also the matter of the shape-shifting beast beast Xavier D’Shagre unleashed before his death. What is the damned thing, and where it is now?

But that’s just the beginning of his trouble.

In the mortal realm, Julienne Blackthorne struggles to navigate the treacherous path of an immortal’s existence. She’s pushed to the edge when a woman from Morgan’s past threatens to derail their rocky relationship. With a new war brewing between earth side and Sclydian entities, Arch-Administrator Celeste Ravenelle wants her top assassin where he belongs—by her side. And in her bed. She’ll pull every dirty trick in the book to get her way. Even blackmail.

Morgan’s got secrets. And Celeste knows where the bodies are buried.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Morgan’s got to find a way to reign in his self-destructive side before he reaches the critical stage of burn out. At this point, insanity is not an option.

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