A Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner (’09)

Enter the midnight world, where passion has no limits and danger rules every desire…

Embrace The Dark Side

Opening a rare book on demons in an occult collection, Kendra Carter trembles before the power she is about to unleash. A man like no other has been awakened, but is he more than human. From his first caress, Remi gives her incredible pleasure she’s never felt before.

Night after night, in his secret chamber, Kendra explores her most intimate and hottest sexual fantasies. His passion for her is a supernatural force. He controls her body. He steals her soul. He is her demon lover…

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“Possession is a book that I simply could not put down! It’s fast-paced, action-packed and hotter than sin to read. I was completely in love with (the demon) Remi. Read Possession and find out just how sensually erotic it is to fall for and lose yourself in a demon. 5 Lips” – Two Lips Reviews

“Possession is Devyn Quinn’s absolute best. Fast-paced with characters that a reader falls in love with instantly and erotic scenes that will leave your mouth watering… Quinn never disappoints readers.” – You’ve Been Booked Reviews

“Ms. Quinn’s Possession is a very interesting…a mixture of mystery, suspense, thrills and chills, romance, erotic moments, and an ending that may just leave the reader hanging and begging for more. 4 Cups.” – CoffeeTime Romance

“Quinn’s books never disappoint me and Possession is no exception. Her writing is fluid, while her plots are mesmerizing, dark, and delicious. You’ll be addicted from the very first page! Her plots never take a back seat to the erotica. She blends all the essential elements with exact doses. Not to mention, the ending was so devilishly appropriate, I had an evil grin when I read it. 5 Stars” – Susan Sigler, LoveRomancePassion.com

“Possession” is a dark, intensely erotic paranormal romance, but also a psychological thriller that is riveting and suspenseful. Ms. Quinn’s stories haven’t disappointed me yet.” – Lea, Closerwriter Book Reviews

“What makes this story work — other than a surprisingly sweet love story and steamy, thoroughly satisfying sex scenes that span multiple chapters — is a believable and sympathetic heroine struggling to keep it together amid overwhelming forces, both supernatural and grounded in reality. It’s a romance with well-executed elements of suspense and mystery. Altogether, a deliciously hot page-turner. 4.5 Stars,” – Romantic Times

“The story line is fast-paced with several great twists as POSSESSION is much more than just nine tenths of the law. 5 stars.” – Harriet Kalusner, Amazon review

“After I looked and read at the back cover, I knew I was in for a treat! If you like your books with sex, love, sex, demons, sex, intrigue, sex, suspense, and sex, then this is the book for you! The author gives a whole new meaning to possession with the demon in this book! This is one POSSESSION I wouldn’t mind having! 5 Stars.” – A Jacobs, Amazon Review

Note: Possession has also sold to Germany and Thailand!