Morgan Saint-Evanston has encountered a lot of obstacles.

An outlaw with a price on his head, he’s got a lot of enemies determined to cash in. But murder is his game, and Morgan plays to win.

Although he now got the support of the Kestrex Triad, he’s not out of trouble. A run-in with the law has jeopardized everything he’s built in the mortal realm. To keep the sanctuary of Blackthorne Manor safe, Morgan’s forced to strike a deal with a Djinn. She’ll erase all memory of his screw-up. But a genie never works for free. Her price? His humanity.

However, that quick fix isn’t going to repair all the damages. The old wars are brewing, and human beings are the target; cattle to be culled, enslaved and sacrificed. Sides are being taken and weapons are being drawn. Only the strongest will prevail.

Morgan’s ready to fight. But can he win with so many foes aching to take him down?

Or will his own fragmented psyche lead him to the edge of self-destruction?

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