Dangerous Ties Anthology

A bad girl on the run meets a master of domination in a mysterious town called Helle–and Nikki Malone is about to be introduced to the most exquisite sensations by a man like no other. Jackson Sullivan meets her more than halfway….

Note: Personal Possessions has been released as a single novella.

Also includes Captive Heat by Jodi Lynn Copeland and Liaison by Anya Howard – Note: The novella listed on the back cover for Anya Howard is, in fact, not the story in the antho. Due to a publishing glitch, her story “Liaison” was titled as Rapture Bound, a story that does not appear in the published anthology.

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“DANGEROUS TIES takes the reader into the world of each of these authors with great imagination and vivid imagery. If you enjoy a walk on the wild side these stories maybe just what you are looking for. On a side note the blurb on the back cover for the story by Anya Howard is a totally different story than the one in the book.” – Fresh Fiction Reviews

“Personal Possessions is one of the most darkly erotic stories I have ever read. It is hard to imagine a writer being able to carry off a passion filled tale involving a woman whose main sins are greed, envy and lust and still make her a sympathetic character. I loved that the ending was totally unexpected and was very creative. I’m going to be looking for more of Ms. Quinn’s work after this winner. 5 O’s!” – JERR

“Three terrific, passionate stories come together in this one volume. All three are sure to tantalize, engage, and satisfy your every need. From demons to vampires to those living in-between, there is a story for all tastes hidden within the covers of Dangerous Ties. 4 Cherries.” – Whipped Cream Romance Reviews
“Personal Possessions by Devyn Quinn leads off this all-star lineup with a sure shot. Quinn’s penchant for exquisite, dark eroticism is a certain draw for someone like me who cut their reading teeth on horror novels. However, even if you aren’t a fan of true horror, the darkness in her writing adds an added depth to the emotions and intensity between her characters sure to appeal to anyone. Personal Possessions is a scorching, surprising romp that you’ll never forget.” – Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

“Devyn Quinn is a master of the dark erotic novel.  She has a way of taking something scary and/or unhappy and turning it into a beautifully written, heart-wrenching story of steaming passion. Personal Possessions is no exception.” – Readin’ Something Crazy Blog

“The story itself (Personal Possessions) is a really nifty concept, and without giving away spoilers, I will say the twist wasn’t one I was expecting. Fans of paranormal romance should enjoy the supernatural elements.” – Genre Reviews

“Dangerous Ties by Devyn Quinn, Jodi Lynn Copeland and Anya Howard is a page-turner. They know how to blend just the right amount of suspense, passion and stirring heat to make this read explosive. The incredible pacing of the three stories pulls the reader inside the pages like a magnet. This assortment of well-dispersed stories by three talented authors should not be missed. 4 cups.” – Coffeetime Romance

“A gripping, wild read you won’t want to put down!” – Two Lips Reviews