Note: Previously published as Sins of the Night, Kensington Aphrodisia

A century ago Adrien Roth was an Amhais, a hunter of vampires—until he was captured by the very beasts he despised and forced to become one of them. Fighting his new dark instincts, he has since roamed the earth seeking revenge against the creatures who ruined him. As his quest finally nears its end, he discovers a breathtaking woman who can redeem his soul: a beautiful mortal named Cassie Wilson. But loving Cassie could mean abandoning his hunt—or taking her down with him.

Cassie is full of life and determined to take pleasure from every moment. When the vibrant beauty meets the mysterious Adrien, she doesn’t hesitate to open herself to him completely, despite his unwillingness to reveal the dark secret that haunts him.

Unwilling to live in fear, Cassie will experience the ultimate sexual awakening in Adrien’s arms and discover a sensual bliss beyond her wildest imaginings. And as the two become lost in a shadow world of delicious desire and surrender to the powerful passion that consumes them, a sinister confrontation looms that will force them to risk everything for a sexual ecstasy worth any price.

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Sins of the Night is also available in Spanish!


“Sins of the Night is one steamy erotic tale that is completely unforgettable…a must read! 5 Lips & a Recommended Read.” – Two Lips Reviews (Tina)

“Sins of the Night is emotional, provocative and downright titillating. I had chills from the very first page and I still get them just thinking about the story. 5 Restraints & a Recommended Read.” – Dark Angel Reviews

“Sins of the Night is a bit of a rollercoaster ride all the way through and as any ride, it came to an end way too quickly!  Looking forward to seeing where Quinn may take the Kynn in the future.    Highly recommend to all readers!” – Monster Librarian Reviews

“Sins of the Night is deliciously dark and rich with powerful emotion, and a breathtaking intensity. Ms. Quinn truly excels at creating dark and menacing characters, making this an edge-of-your-seat pleasure to read. Readers who enjoy a truly well crafted vampire tale will not want to miss this series. 5 Lips.” – Two Lips Reviews (Barb)

“Unique…part thriller, part love story and part fantasy. This is an interesting addition to the vampire genre.” – Romantic Times

“A compelling, exciting and fascinating tale. 5 Angels!” – Fallen Angel Reviews

“Sins of the Night was erotic, dark, and captivating.  I didn’t put it down and Devyn Quinn is now on my author radar!” – Joyfully Reviewed

“The interplay between the characters makes this book a really great and exciting to read. 5 Stars!” – JERR

“A very creative story of love, lust, and vampirism. Fans of vampires and the paranormal will most likely enjoy this story just as much as I did. 4 Cups.” – Coffeetime Reviews.


Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read, Nov 2004 (as Sins of Flesh, original e-book title).