Questions about Future PNR/ UF Books…

Dear Readers,

Some readers have inquired as to whether or not I will ever make a return to writing PNR/UF again. As I have a couple of unfinished series in those genres, the answer is, I’d like to. I just don’t know when. The biggest problems are the original publisher and editor(s) of those series is no longer in the business. So it would take a little maneuvering to publish the books myself — if I ever get around to writing more in those genres. For now, it’s on the possible list. I am working behind the scenes, and if anything happens with my PNR/UF, you guys will be the first to know.

Meanwhile, join me over at Harlequin for my Love Inspired inspy releases (




Cover Reveal

The 3rd book in my Texas Amish Brides series has a cover!

Think You’ve Got Mail meets Amish!

They have nothing in common…

Until an unexpected matchmaker proves them wrong

Amish business owner Amity Schroder can’t stand her neighbor Ethan Zehr. Sharing a building for their individual shops has never been easy, since the stern widower bristles at every one of Amity’s too-progressive business ideas. So when Amity starts to fall for her new anonymous pen pal, she knows there’s no way it could be Ethan. Their constant arguments are nothing like the heartfelt letters she’s been receiving. But as she gets closer to discovering her secret admirer’s identity, will she let the truth stand in the way of her happiness?

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