Eros Island Anthology

Thunderstruck by Devyn Quinn. (A retelling of Pygmalion) Available as an eBook in Kindle Unlimited.

Danicia Ryan is a sculptor of rare talent. Sequestered away from the world, she works her magic in marble even as madness threatens to destroy her talent. Her latest project is her most ambitious–a life sized sculpture of Zeus’ son, Herakles.
The Greek god she creates is breathtaking, handsome and virile. When Herakles turns to living flesh during a violent thunderstorm, Danicia is dazzled by the intensity of his sexual appetite. But has Herakles actually come to life or has Danicia taken that final step over the edge, crossing from reality into a forever fantasy with her dream god?

Also includes novellas by Lucinda Betts and Dawn Thompson.

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Eros Island is a very sexy and enchanting collection of paranormal/mythological stories. Definitely not a book you want to miss!” – Love Romances & More

Each of the stories in this anthology is erotic, with hot, sexy characters and heat that made my toes curl. Eros Island is a keeper, something I know I will read more than once. I will recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sultry romance, interesting time periods and characters who are so real they steal your breath. This is one steamy selection! Great job, ladies! 5 Angels.” – Fallen Angel Reviews

“Thunderstruck was my favorite of the trio, sexy and with a heroine I found more believable and interesting.” – Bella Online

“Thunderstruck is the best story, combining varied and hot sex with a sympathetic heroine and a perfect hero.” – Romantic Times

“These three fantasies are sexually charged with nubile bodies and hot encounters. All three authors chose different time periods and they all exhibit a different approach, which makes these stories unique. I really liked their diversity and would recommend this anthology to any reader of erotic fantasy. 4 Cups.” – CoffeeTime Romance