Dear Readers,

Just popping in to share a bit of news. As you all know, I recently signed with City Lights Press to release some of my back-list that has gone out of print. This will include novellas that appeared in print anthologies, but were never released as single eBook titles. This is exciting, as some of my favorite stories will be one sale, including the darkly erotic Personal Possessions. Embracing Midnight is also coming back to print and eBook as are many others!

But there is more news! I can’t tell the deets just yet, but contract offers have come in for new books! I’m taking a look and will be making a decision soon.

Meanwhile, the count down to the release of Rise of the Beast continues. We should see the book out first week of July. Was supposed to be end of June, but the production team took a vacation, so we went into standby until everyone comes back from summer fun.

Lastly, I have added a new feature to my website. You can now sign up for my newsletter, which I plan to launch in August 2017. This will feature exclusive members only content, including news, excerpts and giveaways. Share the news with your friends who love to read!

Take care and keep reading those fabulous books!