April 2011 Update & Giveaway

Hello, Readers!

Welcome to April. With the conference season upon us, I know readers and authors alike are excited about attending the Romantic Times Convention, taking place April 6th through the 10th in Los Angeles. Although I had hoped to go, I just wasn’t able to make the numbers work this year. So for those of us who’ve been left behind, I decided to put together a fun contest~

As many readers of my Dark Tides series are aware, my mermaids wear a crystal stone around their necks. In the books, these are described as their “soul-stones” which allows them to make a psi-kinetic connection with their symbionts, that extra organ that allows a mermaid to draw energy from crystals and other stones, and re-manifest that energy outside their bodies. The exact term is “Mercraft”. Thanks to the talented Vanessa Hawthorne, I am now able to offer readers their very own soul-stones! Beginning April 1 (no foolin’!), readers can enter to win one of 4 (four) exquisite necklaces, each with its very own crystal. Each necklace is handmade and no two stones and designs are alike! (Note: Each stone is a different color.)

Along with their necklace, winners will also receive a signed copy of Siren’s Call!

How to enter?

Simply download the first few chapters of Siren’s Call, read it and answer three easy questions:

1: Why was Kenneth Randall in Maine?

2: What does Tessa Lonike mistake Kenneth for?

3: What job does Kenneth take on the island?

Email your answers to: DevynQuinn@aol.com

Be sure and include your name and correct mailing address. Winners will be chosen May 1, 2011. One entry per household, please, and you must be over the age of 18 to enter. Incomplete entries and/or entries with incorrect answers will be discarded. Open to all countries.

Good luck and happy reading!