Dear Readers,

Well, April didn’t bring us any showers and New Mexico certainly doesn’t have any May flowers. All we have is cold, dry, and wind. It’s been freezing, windy and totally miserable to be outside. But I know you didn’t check in to get a weather report. No, I think you all want to know what is up with the Eternity books. So here’s the scoop:

I’ll be doing several updates this month. I’ve seen drafts of the cover art, and it should be ready to post soon. Keep in mind that since the three Eternity books are all releasing May 28, that three covers needed to be done. And with the same models. So that was a lot of work to pile on the artist, who has been working hard to make sure that when the cover reveal happens, your socks will be knocked off. Based on the drafts, I think everyone is going to be stunned how gorgeous they are. I can’t wait to show them off. There will be bookmarks and postcards for giveaway, too. The books will be in print, and I’ll be doing some giveaways later in June and July. For those who are wondering, yes, I am outlining book 4, Rise of the Beast, now. The publisher is shooting for release in later 2013.

So that is the latest. Brief, but I hope that gives everyone a reason to keep checking back through the month. I’ll also be posting announcements on Twitter and Facebook, as they arrive.

Now, if only May would bring us some much needed rain, everything would be perfect!

Until the cover reveal…