September 2018 Update

Dear Readers,

Hard to believe Fall is on the way. Summer sure is going away fast. I can honestly say I am ready for this heat to fade a little. Haven’t gotten to ride the bikes as much as I want to, so I am hoping to catch up over the long Labor Day weekend 🙂

So what’s new? As of this date, the 1st, I have 4 submissions awaiting replies from editors. Naked in Vegas is out, as is the High Plains Hearts series. Also in the works in an Amish series which will be written under another pen name, as adult and inspirational do not play well, LOL. More about that later…  Always, the wait is excruciating. I hope to have good news to report soon.

I am still waiting for the rights back to Darkness Descending. I don’t know why NAL is dragging feet on this. The contract expired and there is no reason for them to hold the rights. This holds up my decision for the other books in the series. I would like to get moving on it, but my hands are tied right now. Siren’s Desire will also be out of contract next Feb 2019. I am looking forward to having that book back. There is a 2nd gen mermaid series in the works, tagged Ocean Deep.

Been fiddling with Ashes to Ashes, trying to decide how to open the book. So far it has eluded me. I have thrown out a few openings, trying to find the right one. This is the book that is not ready to be written. Thinking I might put it aside and work on a new paranormal project for a bit. Halloween is coming soon, you know. 🙂

Think I’ll head out and ride my Harley for a bit.

Until next time, happy reading!