May 2023 Update

Dear Readers,

Well, I know I’ve been scarce over here in Devyn’s world, but that’s because I’ve been working in Pamela’s World. Not only am I getting ready for my second LI release, Finding Her Amish Home, in June 2023, I also turned over the second book in my “Humble Blessings” series. It’s been approved and will be releasing Feb 2023. Can’t wait to see the cover on this one. I know it will be gorgeous!

So what is happening with Devyn’s project? Well, right now they are on the back burner. I’ve just gotten too busy with Harlequin to pursue indy projects at this time. I still have them in the que, I just don’t know when they will happen. Rest assured, i do intend to someday finish the Eternity books. Morgan needs to have his story told, and I will do that. Like George RR Martin, I just don’t know when! Busy times ahead, for sure.

If you want to keep up with me, you can join me over on Pamela’s side for the latest news and updates.

Take care and keep reading!