Ashes to Ashes (Eternity #5)

The time has come.

It is the beginning of the end, as Morgan Saint-Evanston faces the one man who could prove to be his undoing: the sadistic bastard who sired him. Resurrected by Morgan’s twin sister, Megwyn, Celeon Ese-Yeveanston has risen from a restless grave. Given new life after his soul was merged with that of a demonic entity, Celeon seeks revenge against the traitorous child who took his life in a desperate act of self-preservation.

Between father and son stands the territories of the Sclydian realm and mortal earth. Backed by the Legion of Ouroborous, Celeon plans to take his place as the new Arch-priest of the cult. Megwyn will stand, not only as his daughter, but also his queen. And in her womb she will carry the seed of an incestuous affair.

Having confronted his own damaged–and damned–soul, Morgan stands on the edge of his destiny. The lies he’s shrouded himself in have begun to fall away, exposing the secrets he’s kept hidden for centuries. Life in shreds, mind in pieces, he’s got one card left to play. But will he take the final step that could, finally, drive him insane? Torn between survival and sacrifice, there is only one path Morgan will, ultimately, choose to follow.

When you have no salvation left, the only choice remaining is to burn it all down and walk away…