July 2019 Update~

Hello, readers!

So excited to share some news!

July is finally here and with it comes the re-release of Darkness Descending~ That’s right. The newly re-edited version will be on sale! And with that fabulous cover! I absolutely can’t wait to see this one in print! I will definitely be giving away some copies through the month to celebrate! And don’t forget, the Eternity Box Set Collection is still on sale for .99. If you haven’t snapped this one, do get it! I’m working on Ashes to Ashes and hope to have the 5th book ready to release soon!

So what else is new? Well, I’ve got some submissions with Carina and Harlequin, so waiting to hear on those. The waiting is always the hardest part, but I hope to have good new soon.

As always, I’m busy with work, family and the ferret rescue. In between, I try and throw in some writing. Hopefully, I’ll get back to a regular release schedule and get those new books out, including a new Mer book.

Take care and keep on reading. Enjoy the 4th and remember freedom is not free. Support our military! 🙂




June 2019 Update

Dear Readers,

Well, April and May passed with no updates because life got extremely busy. Yep. Work, family and the like just got in the way.  Not to mention the weather has absolutely sucked, preventing me from playing on my new toy, a PXC 150 scooter. Yeah, it is true. I sold the Harley and the ZX-12R, mostly because I had so little time to ride and they were getting expensive to maintain. They were also so big and heavy there was no fun in riding them in traffic. I wanted something lighter and zippier to ride. Also, something that would attract less speeding tickets. Sure enough, its top speed is 65, so I won’t be winning many races. I did keep my CBR sport bike, though. Can’t entirely give up the speed!

But that doesn’t mean that nothing got done with the books. I have some exciting news, so here goes:

First, I bundled the Keepers of Eternity books into one box set. That’s right. You can now get all four full length Gothics for .99 cents right now on Amazon (Free on Kindle Unlimited). I am extremely proud of these books and want to share them with as many readers as I can. 🙂 And if you don’t have a Kindle, but want them in Nook or PDF, well, I can do that, too. Just email me that you bought the Kindle version but need another and I will send you the file format you require. It’s that easy.

Second, after a great edit, Darkness Descending has been whittled down a bit from its original mass market word count and will re-release through Crazy Ink Publications in July 2019. I am much happier with this leaner version, and love the new cover art. The book is on pre-order now, and I would love it if you would pick up a copy!

Third, what am I working on? Well, the 5th Eternity book, Ashes to Ashes is in the works, as are many others. I hope to have something new finished soon. But we all know how that is, especially when you work the pesky day job, LOL. Still,  there is always hope!

That’s about all! Hope you will all keep on reading. And feel free to drop me a line if you enjoyed the Keepers Collection!




March 2019 Update

Dear Readers,

Is it already March? Hard to believe that we’re already in the 3rd month of 2019. Seems like yesterday it was just January. Time’s going by, though, and I have some exciting news to share.

1st, I’ve signed with Crazy Ink Publications to re-release Darkness Descending. This will be a whittled down, re-edited version of the Signet mass market released in 2011. I was never happy with that version of the book, and feel it was overly long and repetitive. Now that the rights have been returned from the original publisher, it’s time to go through and do the book right. I know there were errors, too, and I have addressed those based on reviewer and reader remarks. Trust me, a writer never forget when someone points out an error in a book. I’ve done my best to correct those!

2nd, I’m working on Siren’s Desire, the first book of the Ocean Deep series, and the second generation Mer. The first book begins with Gabriella Randall, one of the twins born to Kenneth and Tessa Randall (Siren’s Call is their book, by the way). I’m excited about this one, as I have waited a long time to get the rights back to all three original books. Siren’s Desire was recently returned, and all 3 book have been re-released.

Also in the works is Ashes to Ashes, the 5th Eternity book. So, things are happening. Just a little slower than I imagined they would. Of course, families, jobs and illness gets in the way… part of life and something I am sure you are all dealing with, too!

Hoping everyone is staying well and warm. Here in NM, it’s freezing cold. So much for Phil’s prediction that winter was ending early. I think he was wrong…

Happy Reading.